COCO FURNITURE CO., LTD is a company that has won the title of Excellence in 2017 as the leading company in the field of over office furniture and housing.

COCO FURNITURE CO., LTD achieved the excellent title thanks to customers trust and trust of customers with the company.

COCO FURNITURE CO., LTD is a specialized unit in the field of interior design, interior finishing and furniture production leading in Vietnam.

COCO FURNITURE is the convergence of excellent interior design consultants and consultants with a lot of creative ideas to welcome the latest interior trends together with experienced project management team. Our staff and workers are skilled in producing high quality standard furniture products.

COCO FURNITURE is committed to satisfying the most demanding customers with the finest designs and products and the highest quality service.

The continuous development and reputation of COCO FURNITURE as today is completely by the prestige of the brand, along with the trust of customers for the COCO FURNITURE brand through many completed construction works. 



Build a house, set up karma is two of the three big stories of life. For the Vietnamese, the home is not only the result of family happiness, but also the place where they give their life-long dream, a comfortable office space ideal for improving work efficiency and helping them. For the staff spirit of relieving stress tiring. Therefore, owning a beautiful house and an ideal office is the desire of many people. To make a beautiful home, an ideal office needs a nice interior.

   Listening to and understanding that, Since the establishment COCO FURNITURE is always updated, innovative, and constantly innovative to bring to customers the line of interior products subtlety, superior in quality. , Models and always head the trend of the times.

  Not only the interior is pure, we also the same customers create your real living space and for you. The trust of customers for COCO FURNITURE during the past time is not only a pride of honor, but also a motivation for us to continue to try to give you a living space authentic.

 We always show in action with the determination to do the best we can and always look for ways to be better. Come to COCO FURNITURE, customers will receive "perfect service", "perfect product", "perfect customer" to ensure that customers will be absolutely satisfied.

     With the development of the domestic and foreign furniture market now, the value and difference is what we always aim for in every product, in every detail. To make that happen, COCO FURNITURE has been associated. Continuously updated, updated, researched and developed to always bring to customers the best products and services of the highest quality.

     The satisfaction of our customers with COCO FURNITURE products and services is the joy, happiness and pride that we have achieved for our dedication in the past years. The trust, companion of customers is the pride and affirmation of COCO FURNITURE brand value during the past time.

     Always provide customers with quality products made up of value and distinction, we are ready to consult, design, produce and execute customized furniture to serve our customers. Better day


COCO FURNITURE will be your home companion, your office is the ideal place to rest, work every day.

Our commitment:

- Perfect quality.

- Dedicated service.

- Prestigious warranty.

- professional installation.


Modern life, the demand for a beautiful house, beautiful office is not just buying a lot of furniture and placement. To make a beautiful home should have beautiful furniture. It is a reasonable arrangement of details and items to create a harmonious space of aesthetics and fully meet the needs of the owner.

In the vibrant competition of the furniture market, there are many furniture companies and factories. But the COCO FURNITURE interior has the reasons that customers certainly can not be ignored to choose us as a companion to create your dream space:


Headquarters: 220 / 50A / 37C Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward.2, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Workshop: 139 Hung Phuoc Ward, Hung Dinh Ward, Thuan An Township, Binh Duong Province.
Phone :02743 764 915
MST: 0313259956
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